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Customized Solutions

We are your one stop wedding solution. Beautiful Floral decorations, exclusive and customized wedding cards, special rituals and performances, choreography, photography/ Videography, music arrangements, shehnai, DJ ,etc.

Frills 'n' Flounce
All that you could ever dream of in style is available with us. From a single color to combinations, contrast, motifs and prints; we do it all for you. Uniqueness in every pattern is what we believe in.

Pots 'n' Posies
Flowers are an integral part of any celebration. Fragrance of the rose petals, serenity in the ferns, and royalty of the huge vases and sparkle of the bright colors is sure to make you feel Queen of the Day.

Symphony 'n' Sound
Celebrations are incomplete without pomp & show. For an ultimate thrill and excitement, we have DJs and live performers; if soft romantic songs are your way of expressing love, you may opt for musicians, ghazal singers, etc. For the love of tradition, shehnai is all that you have to ask for.

Relive 'n' Rejuvenate
After so much effort and planning the day comes and goes as if it was just a moment. No wonder you would want to hold this moment. Capture all your favorite moments from pre wedding ceremonies to vidai, for a spill of laughter ever after.