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Wedding Checklist

In India, all weddings big or small are marked by gala celebrations. Rightly said, wedding not only unites two individuals but brings together two families as well. Smooth planning of all wedding tasks creates a zone of comfort between the two families. To ensure that everything moves in a very organized way thus brings fun and enjoyment to all; a comprehensive wedding checklist plays an important role.

We hope that our effort in designing this detailed planning list will help you in making your day even more memorable.

As Soon as the Wedding gets Fixed (Assumption 6 – 8 months)

  • Decide your budget. Allocate an amount you plan to spend on the complete wedding.
  • Categorize and fix on different functions / ceremonies you want to do.
  • Now allocate a budget you plan to spend in each ceremony / function.
  • Set date and time for the pre wedding functions.
  • Create a first draft of your guest list for the pre wedding and the main wedding event.
  • Decide if you want to opt for a wedding planner and enjoy every moment till your D Day arrives.
  • Check various venues in the vicinity that suit both the bride and the groom's family.
  • Take down details on menus, rates and availability from the venues you like.
  • If the groom's family is out stationed, then check for a place to arrange their stay.
  • Check availability of dates and the rates.

Five Months Prior to the Wedding Date

  • Finalize your guest list for pre wedding and the main wedding event.
  • Freeze your pre wedding venues and pay deposits to be secured.
  • Discuss an over draft of the menu with the respective managers / caterers etc. Take time to discuss it in the family.
  • Make a selection of the set ups, decoration and floral arrangements you require for your pre wedding ceremonies.
  • Plan your days and fix schedules for shopping – jewellery, gifts to be given to the groom's family at different occasions, gifts for bride's relatives and friends, bride's outfits and accessories for different ceremonies,
  • Possibly, make a checklist ceremony wise that gives you complete details on the pending and completed tasks in terms of bookings, arrangements, gifts, invitations, etc. to avoid last minute mess ups.
  • Parallely, also close and book your main wedding venue by paying a deposit as per the hotel / banquet policy.
  • Book few rooms at the same venue for the bride's and the groom's family.
  • Finalize your theme / color code for the arrangements.
  • If your wedding is fixed on a key date / heavy saya day then you will have to finalize on these details even earlier
  • If theme wedding is what you plan to do, then clarify that everything related to decoration from color of the linen, entrance décor, hall layout, stage set up, to floral arrangements is taken care by one decorator / vendor.
  • If you choose a split décor, then ensure to have a common meeting between the florist and the decorator so that linen and flowers are not a vague combo / contrast.
  • Book a professional photographer and/or videographer
  • Book your DJs or music bands.
  • Book a priest for the mid night wedding ceremony.
  • Finalize your beautician and discuss your skin treatment / beauty plan with him / her.
  • Consult a dietician as well to get an enhanced effect of your beauty treatment.
  • Select your invitation card based on may be your theme, color codes or dress designs.

Two - Three Months Prior to the Wedding Date

  • As the day approaches, make sure you are in line with your budgets. Check the status from time to time and update all dues and payments as and when done.
  • Reconfirm all your bookings and pay your deposits as per schedule.
  • Contact your decorator / florist etc. to ensure that everything is going as per plan.
  • Ensure that you receive your invitation cards printed by now.
  • Start mailing cards to overseas / outstation guests.
  • Follow up with your dress designers to get delivery of your dresses on time.
  • Ensure that all your attires for various ceremonies are done on time with accessories well chosen and kept.
  • Purchase any wedding jewellery that may be still pending – engagement ring, gold / diamond gifts for the groom and family etc.
  • Purchase all other gift items that were left to be procured at shorter notice such as electronics, etc.
  • Book your order for sweets. Make sure that you categorilly mention the nos. required for each ceremony in each type.
  • Once again recheck your ceremony wise checklist. Ensure to take care of the minutest detail and requirement.
  • Freeze your menus for various events with the hotel / banquet / caterer.
  • If your ceremonies are all close to date and spread over just a week's time, then make sure that your menu selections are carefully done with a right mix at every place.
  • Keep your wedding menu completely exclusive and elaborate.
  • Book your mehndi artist.
  • Book horse / bands / car for groom's arrival and welcome.
  • Finalize your honeymoon plans. Ensure your passports and vaccinations are up to date and you have applied for all necessary visas if required.
  • Book your transportation requirements – cars required to pick up and drop your guests, dedicated cars for the groom's family if they are out stationed, any other requirements that you may have to cater to.
  • Assign duties to close friends and relatives for the main day so that you are available overall.

One Month Prior to the Wedding Date

  • Visit your venues for a check if required.
  • Tally your budget and reallocate for last minute miscellaneous expenses if required.
  • Begin packing.
  • Pack separate bags for your honeymoon trip.
  • Start mailing invitations to all your guests and keep record of acceptance and refusals.
  • Bride should now take a relaxed schedule. Over stress can spoil the glow of your skin.
  • Be particular with your sittings with the beautician.